VOLANO® Chat Applets

You may want to remove or hide this Web page and the pages under the samples subdirectory before going live with your Web site.

For a list of what's new in this version of the VOLANO chat server, please see the New Features section of the VOLANO Chat Server Administrator Guide. This Web page and the links below demonstrate the different uses of the VolanoChat, MyVolanoChat, and WebVolanoChat applets that are available. For these demonstrations to work, you must first start the VOLANO chat server as outlined in the Installation section of the Administrator Guide. The Guide also contains a complete description of all applet parameters.

VolanoChat applet

This is the regular VolanoChat applet. After the applet loads, click the button below to connect to your VOLANO chat server.

The applet below requires the Java Plug-in Version 7 or later, available at www.java.com.

[Enable Java to see the applet here.]

Note: Because of Web browser security restrictions, you must load this page through your Web server as if you were an actual Web site visitor (using an http:// address) instead of using your Web browser File, Open menu item to open it directly from your local disk drive.

Other samples

Follow the links below for other examples of the VolanoChat, MyVolanoChat, and WebVolanoChat applets, as well as links to the servlets and all of the applet resource files.

Applet Configuration
shows a sample page you can modify for configuring the applets from any Web browser.
Applet Resources
gives a description and links to all of the applet resources, such as the images, sounds, Web pages, and property files loaded by the applets.
International Applets
shows samples of the language translations of the user interface that are included.
MyVolanoChat Applet
demonstrates two pages which use the MyVolanoChat applet to create personal rooms in the VOLANO Chat Pro Server (Pro version only).
WebVolanoChat Applet
demonstrates the WebVolanoChat applet, which remains embedded in the Web page instead of opening in a separate window.
Monitors and Administrators
shows the monitor and administrator interfaces of the VolanoChat applet.
Member Applets
shows the various ways in which members can access the VOLANO Chat Pro Server as a normal visitor, as a monitor, or as an administrator (Pro version only).
Moderated Events
shows how to create an auditorium for moderated events in the VOLANO Chat Pro Server (Pro version only).
Automatic Sign-in
shows how you can automate access to the VOLANO chat server.
provides links to each of the servlets.

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