Applet Configuration

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You can modify this page to allow the administrator of the VOLANO chat server to modify the applet properties from any Web browser. You must first allow write access to the applet property files and define an administrator password as follows:

  1. Modify the Java security manager policy, defined in conf/policy.txt, to give the ConfigServlet write access to the applet property files. Otherwise, you will get the following error when trying to modify the applet settings: access denied
      ( webapps/ROOT/vcclient/english.txt write)
  2. Define an administrator password by setting the VOLANO chat server property admin.password in the server properties file, which is the file conf/properties.txt by default. You will be prompted for a name and password by the applet configuration servlet after you click a link below. When prompted, you can use any name, but the password must match the server's admin.password value.

  3. When adding administrator or monitor passwords to the server properties file, conf/properties.txt, make sure the file is not publicly accessible through your Web server and is not readable by others on your server system.

    Only the vcclient subdirectory should be accessible through your Web server when the VOLANO chat server is installed following the instructions in the Administrator Guide. You can prevent others on the system from reading the file by modifying its permissions. On UNIX systems such as Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, and Mac OS X, you can set its permissions by running the chmod command below from the VOLANO chat server installation directory:

    $ chmod 600 conf/properties.txt

    After that command, the server properties file will have the UNIX file permissions shown below when installed under a username of volano. This allows only the user logged in as volano, or programs (such as the VOLANO chat server) running under the account, to read and modify the file:

    $ ls -l conf/properties.txt
    -rw------- 1 volano volano 4560 2009-03-04 08:22 conf/properties.txt

After restarting the VOLANO chat server with an administrator password, click a link below to modify the corresponding applet properties:

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