Wrong Applet Version


You cannot connect to the chat server because there is a new version of the client chat applet available from the Web site where you tried to chat, but your computer is still using the old version of the applet. Normally, the default settings will pick up the new version automatically.


Try entering through the chat applet below:

[Enable Java to see the applet here.]

If that didn't work ...

If entering through the applet on this page didn't work, you can try deleting the Java Plug-in temporary Internet files, thereby removing the old version of the applet and forcing the plug-in to load the new version. Open the Java Control Panel, and on the General tab under the section Temporary Internet Files, press the Settings... button. On the Temporary Files Settings window, press the Delete Files... button. On the Delete Temporary Files window, make sure the Applications and Applets item is selected with a checkmark, and press the OK button. Then press the OK buttons on the Temporary Internet Files Settings window, and then on the Java Control Panel window. After all that, close your Web browser, restart it, and return to the Web page where you are trying to chat.

If even that didn't work, you might be trying to do one of the following (which will not work no matter what you do):